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"There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen" Rumi


After 37 years, I am closing my therapy practice effective June 30th , 2022. These years have been more than a job for me; they have been an opportunity to walk with others thorough their evolution of healing.

If you are looking for a therapist, I have compiled a list of trusted colleagues following. Most of these clinicians are EMDR trained but you may also find others on the EMDRIA website; www.emdria.org. Click on “find a therapist.”

To say it has been a privilege being a therapist does not at all articulate what it’s meant to me. It continues to amaze me that people – all of us – can reach out and trust others even in the face of past failures, injustice, uncertainty, and heartbreak.  It is only through the window of hope that I have been able to provide a helping hand and the knowledge and skills available to me. And so if you are still searching, have hope. Change is difficult but affirming.

I will continue to be available as an EMDR Consultant by Zoom. If you are a trained clinician seeking consultation, please contact me as indicated below.

Clinicians I can recommend:

(the first 10 are EMDR Certified or Consultants)

Teresa Allen, MFT

Alethea Gard’ner, LCSW

Kimbo Prichard, MFT

Rachel Walker, MFT

Rachel Erwin, MFT

Susan Overhauser, Ph.D.

Ann Gildersleve, Ph.D.

Jessica Potter, MFT (Marin)

Antonia Fokken, MFT

Greg Kaplan, MFT

Billie Warden, MFT

Jan Cehn, LCSW (San Francisco)


Also recommended:

Jon Parker, MFT

Elizabeth Rae Walker, MFT

Rachel Moran, MFT

Charles Marshal, PH.D. (San Francisco)


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